Mark D. Pesce (
Tue, 19 Jul 1994 00:01:56 -0700 (PDT)

VRML List Members:

I apologize for my recent absence from the list. I have been reviewing
the proceedings, but I have been very busy preparing to show the MS-Windows
version of Labyrinth at SIGKids. If any of you know what "demo mode"
is all about, you can understand that I've been a little busy. Apologies, and
I promise that I'll be more accessible after the 28th for List issues.

SIGGRAPH is next week; I invite you all to come by and take a look at
the USHM VRML world running in both 27 at SIGKids. Beyond this, one of our
list members has suggested having a "birds of a feather" session while
we're all gathered in sunny Orlando.

I'd like to get a head count of people interested in attending. If there
is substantial interest, I'll ask the conference organizers for some
meeting space appropriate to our needs. If there are only a few responses,
perhaps we can all get together for lunch.

Send me email about this; if I get a _lot_ of responses right away, I'll
just announce that a "general meeting" will be held, and you can stop
bombarding me then. Details will follow.


Mark Pesce
VRML List Moderator

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