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Itzik Goldberger (itzik@quadling.esd.sgi.com)
Mon, 18 Jul 1994 23:31:41 -0700

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Hello! In the www-vrml list you say...

>Come and see the WindowsNT port of Inventor at Siggraph94 in the SGI
>booth (#1106). NeTpower will show the port on a MIPPS NT box.
>Also come to the Inventor user group meeting on Monday July 25. NeTpower
>will present the port and answer any questions you may have.

Is the Inventor user group meeting at the SIGGRAPH location, in the
Bay Area, or elsewhere?

Sorry for the partial information, the user group meeting will be held
at the Sheraton World, Orlando FL, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Mediterranean




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