ADMIN: Volunteers needed for Inventor Mentor Summary

John W. Barrus (
Fri, 8 Jul 1994 09:12:15 -0400


I was hoping to get a bit more response from those who want to help
summarize the Inventor Mentor. I am extending the deadline a few more days
to ask for a bit more help.

We need volunteers to help summarize the Inventor Mentor. It has 17
chapters and 3 appendices, 10 of which are relevant. The task is to get a
copy of the book, read one or two chapters, and summarize them in a few
paragraphs. Anyone who has read the book or used Inventor 2.0 should be
able to do the summary in 15 to 30 minutes.

The sections and chapters are:

Part I: Getting Started
*Chapter 1. Overview
*Chapter 2. An Inventor Sampler

Part II: Building a Scene Graph
*Chapter 3. Nodes and Groups
*Chapter 4. Cameras and Lights
*Chapter 5. Shapes, Properties, and Bindings

Part III: More About Nodes
*Chapter 6. Text
*Chapter 7. Textures
*Chapter 8. Curves and Surfaces

Part IV: Using a Scene Graph
Chapter 9. Applying Actions
Chapter 10. Handling Events and Selection
*Chapter 11. File Format

Part V: Application Tools
Chapter 12. Sensors
Chapter 13. Engines
*Chapter 14. Node Kits
Chapter 15. Draggers and Manipulators

Part VI: Using the Toolkit with Other Libraries
Chapter 16. Inventor Component Library
Chapter 17. Using Inventor with OpenGL

Appendix A. An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming for C Programmers
Appendix B. An Introduction to the C API
Appendix C. Error Handling

I put an asterisk (*) on the chapters which I thought were the most
important. I focused only on what was necessary to understand the file
format, since that is what we are talking about here.

So far I have one volunteer. Between us we will probably do 4 chapters.
Any other helpers?

Send me the following information:

Your e-mail address.
Which chapters you prefer.
Which chapters you don't want to do.
How many chapters you are willing to summarize.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, July 12th. If we don't have enough volunteers by then, I
might extend the volunteer deadline.

By Friday, July 15th, I will parcel out the chapters and let everyone know who
is doing what. I will also send out a more detailed summary request to the


John B.


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