ADMIN : Catchup help

Pete Nishimoto (peten@mv.MV.COM)
Wed, 6 Jul 1994 20:05:12 -0400 (EDT)


I'm new to this mailing list (less new to VR, very old to 3D
graphics) and I've been listening for a couple of weeks.

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to find out what's going on.


- what's the purpose here? Some folks have posted
some criteria suggestions. Are we specifying a
object language, scene description interchange protocol,
HTML extensions and their graphics bindings? I'm
a little confused (not atypical for me).

- Is there a "moderator" collecting stuff?
Creating a home page/faq?

- back a bit, Mark Pesce ( said
they're be some sort of doc review realsoonnow (VRML 0.1)
Did I miss it?

- where's the "VRML Site". I think something's there,
but I don't know where it is. Mark said the contents
were posted, but I probably missed it.

- is there some sort of "public" review? What's the process?

Thanks in advance from someone trying to catch up.


Pete Nishimoto