Re: ADMIN: OpenInventor/RenderMan Info REQUEST!

John W. Barrus (
Sat, 2 Jul 94 15:49:42 EDT

>John -
>> If we don't get enough WWW info on Open Inventor, can we form a group of
>> people who have the documentation and write a summary? I have the Inventor
>> Mentor and would be willing to summarize a few chapters to a Web document.
>> Will that help? I doubt that we will find much more available than SGI has
>> already put out.
>I think it is a great idea, as long as no copyrights get violated in the
>process, which would put WIRED in dutch with someone, not to mention your
>humble list moderators...
>How would you suggest we proceed?

Everyone who wants to help can send mail to me to claim one or two chapters
of The Inventor Mentor. Copyright laws will require us to post summaries
instead of word for word retyping of any information in the chapter (besides
short quotes). We want summaries anyway because those who want to read the
book can borrow or buy one.

If we get enough volunteers, I will coordinate the chapters so that we don't
overlap on effort.

Let me know soon if you are interested in helping out.
Send me the following information:

Your e-mail address.
Which chapters you prefer.
Which chapters you don't want to do.
How many chapters you are willing to summarize.

Deadline: Thursday, July 7th. If we don't have enough volunteers by then, I
might extend the volunteer deadline.

By Monday, July 11, I will parcel out the chapters and let everyone know who
is doing what. I will also send out a more detailed summary request to the

Brian or Mark, if you don't mind supplying web space and piecing the final
web document together, I will send it to you when we are done. I don't have
a web server running here that I can put it on. (If we do a good enough
job, we might be able to convince SGI to put it on their server.)

Let me know by July 7th if you want to help.

John B.

John Barrus
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