ADMIN: OpenInventor/RenderMan Info REQUEST!

Mark D. Pesce (
Wed, 29 Jun 1994 14:26:25 -0700 (PDT)

VRML List Members:

We have decided to extend the language proposal period through 1 July 1994,
this Friday, as we are expecting some new proposals to arrive before then.

As of this time, we have approximately 8 proposals, which we are very very
pleased with. It is an excellent base from which to begin the analysis

We lack documentation on two of the proposals: Open Inventor (from SGI) and
RenderMan (from Pixar). Although we have a bit of public documentation on
Open Inventor, it isn't enough to really evaluate anything, and we have next
to nothing on RenderMan.

We expect that both of these candidates could be strong contenders for
selection as the VRML 0.1 base candidate. However, without an adequate base
of documentation, we can't be expected to formulate effective conclusions.

So, please, we are asking all list members (and digest subscribers) to do
their best to turn up some documentation (especially language specifications
and programming examples) which can be posted to the VRML Forum Web site.


All information can be sent directly to Brian Behlendorf (,
so that we don't soak up list bandwidth with your replies.

Thanks for the help.

Mark Pesce (
Brian Behlendorf (

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