Re: Some criteria for VRML

Tue, 28 Jun 1994 10:04:09 -0700 (PDT)

>The cursor motion keys could be used for systems without a mouse or
>other pointing device. Although it would be quite a challenge to
>write a VRML browser for a 512K DOS system!

depends on what kind of code you write. remember stellar 7 for the
apple iie, which did more 3disms in 64k than most programs do now in 2 megs?
the way to do this one, it seems to me, is to be learned from the video
game doom. have a client which stows somewhere on disk some basic building
blocks of objects (say, a bitmap of wall, a machine gun, something) and loads
them and displays them in response to a server file. that is, put most of the
burden on the client, as (pratically speaking) noone's gonna care about the
lower-end systems or saving disk space on the client end; that reduces net
traffic and lets us pass information on as either tokens (Draw wall here,
etc.) or as additions (replace wall bitmap with NixonsFace bitmap). this
allows i think a more realistic goal for VRMLisms.
of course, this does entail some programming...

- sven

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