Non-geometrical things

David Cake (
Fri, 24 Jun 1994 10:37:07 +0800

>We have only vaguely discussed non-geometrical elements of VR. We should bring
>up ways to incorporate things like audio into VRML. Either through imbedding
>the audio tracks directly into the VRML file (a special node?) or by having
>some sort of link to the audio files.
How does HTML do it? What is the standard for audio? (I am sorry
for revealing my ignorance)

> One thing different from HTML's dealing
>with audio is that we might want to be able to loop audio.

For sure, and have audio that responds to location?

> Does anyone have
>any thoughts on this? What other non-geometry things might we want to imbed
>(not link to) in a VRML file?
Should we allow bit mapped faces? I think so, and I do not know how such
bit maps should be handled. What about text on a face? Maybe even HTML
embedded on a face of a poly. If we are to allow bit mapping, maybe even
simple animations.
Real animations (movies and such) is a nice idea, but unfeasible for the
next few years. Still, we should think about it now.
David Cake