Re: Meme [ (Marc de Groot - KG6KF)] (fwd)

David Cake (
Fri, 24 Jun 1994 10:36:34 +0800

>Meme has certain features that I would want to see in any specification for
>VRML. In particular, Meme allows the world designer to specify platform-
>independent executable code for the object's behavior. Without this
>ability, objects have relatively rigid, uninteresting behavior.
Basically VRML browsers need to be basically include much of the function
of a simple interpretive language, and hopefully both a basically object
oriented one (personal preference, I guess), and one that is not too
verbose (for efficient use of low bandwidth). In this it would function
like most existing cross platform packages of various kinds (many database
packages, for example).

David Cake

>Marc de Groot
>Immersive Systems, Inc.