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Kevin Goldsmith (
Tue, 21 Jun 1994 13:40:07 -0700


I'm giving up. Using the Inventor File Format as a base for VRML does not mean
each and every one of us owes SGI money. It is a public format. We do not
need to lisence it. We do not need to use all of it. Think of it as a
guideline. A good guideline, thought of by many smart people. Of course, the
closer we adhere to it, the more useful some of the tools for Inventor will be.
And those tools exist on MANY platforms, certainly more than most of the other
formats that have been suggested before. This entire discussion is moot and
irrelevant, can we please move on?


On Jun 21, 12:03pm, wrote:
> Subject: Re: Inventor file format
> Justin:
> > *If* we were to decide on Inventor, that would give SGI a killer
> > headstart on development tools for that market.
> Using inventor, assuming it is public domain, will only help SGI for
> its current market segment. SGI hasnt done a PC verion of IRIX lately
> have they? It doesnt really help them to have the best tools when
> everyone is buying for a different os/machine. Unless those tools are
> also public domain, in which case there not making money still... It
> wouldnt hurt them to have there standard used on millions of pc's but
> I dont think it'd help much either. And this still doesnt tell us
> wheter it actually IS public domain or not. (Although I think Kevin
> said it was, is this definite?)
> Are all of the Inventor tools on SGI? That would then be a mark
> against it, although it seems the benefits of the language might
> outweigh that.
> Ray
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