Re: Requirements

Mark Waks (
Tue, 21 Jun 94 17:12:36 EDT

Chris Hand points out:
>Until you define the requirements all this arguing about Inventor and
>stuff is pointless, since we're probably not even talking about the same

A good point, but I think that most of the Inventor discussion has
been about an issue where we *do* have a clear requirement: the
standard must be public domain. This was stated pretty clearly in
Brian and Mark's original description of the project, and I think it's
a very good idea -- for something to really catch on on the Net, you
usually need to throw open the doors to anyone who wants to develop
tools. The real question is: *is* Inventor's file format public domain
(or at least freely usable) or not? So far, I haven't seen a clear

(I think we've also teased out a few other requirements over the
course of the discussion, which I meantioned the other day: we're
mainly looking for an object-description language; it should allow
good hierarchical structuring and inheritance; it should be easily
subsettable so we can kick off quickly; it should be straightforward
to extend. And there are some things that aren't requirements, but
plusses: a simple, easy-to-parse syntax, and existing tools...)

-- Justin

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