Re: VRML newsgroup?

Mary Morris (marym@Finesse.COM)
Fri, 17 Jun 1994 03:33:17 +0800

I would prefer to keep this a mailling list for the time being -
not necessarily forever, just for now. There are mail sorting
programs that can sort your mail and you can then bring up
that mail file once or twice a day and read it then if I/O
(Information Overload) is a problem. We could also use the
WIT (Web Interactive Talk?) stuff which is some sort of hybrid
of Web and Mail theories that resembles netnews. You would
need to subscribe before you can comment and it isn't everywhere
like netnews so we won't have every peeping tom dropping in
saying "wow" what happens here? I'm not ready for that type of
a bandwidth waster.

What is happening with a digest version of this? That would
be another alternative. The digest readers would only see one
or a couple of summaries per day, and the ones that want their
stuff immediatly could still get up to the minute mail. There are

Question: In the last 12 hours, how much of the discussion is
for making a newsgroup and how much is for actually discussing
the topics?


> From: NetSurfer <>
> On Thu, 16 Jun 1994, Ian Hoenisch N29655 wrote:
> > Greg Alt writes:
> > > I think this list has too much traffic to still be just a mailing list.
> > > In the past couple of hours, I have received over 10 new messages.
> > > How about if we create alt.hypertext.vrml or something like that?
> > > And maybe the list can be kept as a gateway to the newsgroup for those
> > > that don't have access to the newsgroup?
> > >
> > > What do you think?
> > >
> > > Greg
> >
> > I also agree. I like reading and replying to the list, but I can't
> > afford to be interrupted every 30 min by a new mail message. I would
> > much rather read the news 2 or 3 times a day. If this is possible, I
> > think we should do it.
> >
> > Jan
> Then why not just read your mail 2 or 3 times a day?