Re: VRML newsgroup?

Brian Behlendorf (
Fri, 17 Jun 1994 10:25:25 +0000 (GMT)

On Fri, 17 Jun 1994, Mary Morris wrote:
> I would prefer to keep this a mailling list for the time being -
> not necessarily forever, just for now. There are mail sorting
> programs that can sort your mail and you can then bring up
> that mail file once or twice a day and read it then if I/O
> (Information Overload) is a problem.

Exactly. Mail filters were made by an act of God :)

> We could also use the
> WIT (Web Interactive Talk?) stuff which is some sort of hybrid
> of Web and Mail theories that resembles netnews. You would
> need to subscribe before you can comment and it isn't everywhere
> like netnews so we won't have every peeping tom dropping in
> saying "wow" what happens here? I'm not ready for that type of
> a bandwidth waster.

I'm working on improving WIT as we speak into something we can
use productively. I'm also working on a hypermail script in
the short term.

> What is happening with a digest version of this?

It's available as send mail to with the words

subscribe www-vrml-digest
unsubscribe www-vrml

If you'd rather go that direction.

> Question: In the last 12 hours, how much of the discussion is
> for making a newsgroup and how much is for actually discussing
> the topics?

Waaay too much.