Re: PHIL: Meeting People in VRML space

Brian Behlendorf (
Thu, 16 Jun 1994 15:09:16 +0000 (GMT)

On Thu, 16 Jun 1994 wrote:
> Brian says:
> > For VRML 1.0, because we want to get this out soon and particularly
> > get clients available across ALL platforms, all we want is the
> > ability to download a museum a room at a time, and walk through it
> > using a mouse and the keyboard.
> Do you mean here by walk through the ability to manuver in the room
> freely, having the scene rerendered as needed, or just a still scene
> with various points that can be interacted with via mouse? I guess its
> not really in issue from VRML design standpoints, but I'm still not
> clear on what exactly you want. (although i can theoretically wait for
> a FAQ ;)

I should have said "for example, to walk through a museum". The issue of
moving within the scene is a browser issue, but of course that's the intent,
otherwise we'd just download GIF's of the scene instead of a description of
the scene. Hopefully browsers will be written for headgear or "cave"s, so
that the environment really really feels immersive.

No FAQ yet (no frequently asked questions, yet :) but I strongly urge
people who are unclear what Mark and I and others envision for VRML to
check out Mark's visions and goals papers, at and