PHIL: Performance Baseline for VRML-capable Machines

Karthikeyan Guruswamy (
Wed, 15 Jun 94 12:37:50 PDT

> > One would want this capability apart from platform power issues; it's
> > analogous to choosing between draft-quality and presentation-quality
> > output from a doc package. The VRML scene description would not vary, the
> > user would just select the detail level with a control panel
> > on the display side.
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> Yes, exactly. Which is why things like texture maps would be included as
> achnors; the viewer could determine which texture map (if any) to pull
> over the next based on user preference and desktop platform capabilities.
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Also, the client must be able to generate any kind of WWW object locally even
if it cannot itself display that complexity - Like I have a color GIF file and
I never know how it looks in color because I've a monochrome SUN. But people
look at my page and they are able to see the colors !