Re: VRML issues

Kevin Goldsmith (
Tue, 14 Jun 1994 15:16:34 -0700

On Jun 14, 1:29pm, Daniel D. Todd wrote:
> Subject: Re: VRML issues
> At 11:03 AM 6/14/94 -0700, Kevin Goldsmith wrote:
> >On Jun 13, 9:35pm, Daniel D. Todd wrote:
> > Are we empowering people? Is everyone supposed to be able to access
> >this new world we are trying to create, or only the people with enough money
> >afford the higher end equipment?
> I don't really see things in such altruistic ways as to think my job or
> interest here is to "empower people" Nor do I think everyone will be able to
> access this new world. They will need a computer that runs either system 7,
> DOS/Windows or some variety of Unix. So My Tandy model 100 is out. I will
> also not be able to use my
> Toshiba 1000 laptop.
I currently can't use all the features of Mosaic, because most of the
external players require a 68040, but I can still browse...

> ti all depends what you consider specialized equipment. Not long ago a
> color monitor was "specialized equipment" we needto look forward and accept
> that some people will have to upgrade to take advantage of the new
within reason.

> > Why don't we try to decide upon a minimum "usable" system? I think
> >that the browsers will probably take care of things like dithering and such,
> >we don't have to specify 32-bit colour or something like that, but just
> >guidlines that might help in the design of VRML.
> That seems like a reasonable request. Since this is a multi-media project
> why don't we accept the MPC-2 standard. Adding a 14.4 modem to the mix.
that's a good idea.


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