Re: LANG: Object Sharing (was Re: WEB : Mapping out communal cyberspace)

Kevin Goldsmith (
Tue, 14 Jun 1994 15:08:56 -0700

On Jun 14, 10:30am, Jerry Isdale wrote:
> Subject: Re: LANG: Object Sharing (was Re: WEB : Mapping out communal cyb
> At semi regular intervals, say every six months or once a year, there is
> a Collected Objects (or atoms) cdrom created from the libraries and made
> available to various cdrom distributors (Walnut Creek, etc)
> The VRML client would look first on the local database for named objects,
> then ask an object server or query the VRML document as to its source
> atoms.
> This would greatly reduce bandwidth requirements.
-- End of excerpt from Jerry Isdale

No it wouldn't. Listen, I'm repeating myself over and over. If we want a
truly USABLE standard that is PLATFORM INDEPENDANT, we have to design for the
lowest possible system. If we assume full internet access, cdrom, 24 bit
colour, we are shutting out maybe half of the people who could be users. That
is not a standard and it will fail, and then something that does work will
become the standard.