Re: WEB : Mapping out communal cyberspace

D. Owen Rowley (
Tue, 14 Jun 1994 13:21:44 -0700

> From: "Kevin Goldsmith" <>
> On Jun 13, 8:30am, wrote:
> > Subject: WEB : Mapping out communal cyberspace
> > Date: Sunday 12 June 1994
> >
> > I strongly believe that it will be essential to CREATE a coordinate system
> > which defines WHERE things are, on a world-wide, globally agreed basis.
> > In effect to create a world coordination system, so that everything not only
> > has addressability as per current Internet standards, it also has relative
> > positional addressability in some world - it can be placed onto a map.

> I must disagree partly. If we create a world coordinate space, we
> create virtual real estate. Who owns virtual real estate?

VR, is unreal estate.

In objective-space real estate is a valuable commoditty,
because they ain't making any more and the store of it is finite.

In data-space unreal estate is a valuable commodity because we've got
all you want.

undeveloped real estate has value derived from being a finite resource,
unreal estate is practically worthless until it is developed its value is
derived from its connectivity to other unreal estate and the data-transport

> The beauty of the
> current web organization (or lack thereof) is that it is amazingly simple to
> build a "homestead." You just put a page somewhere and let people know about
> it. If we create a coordinate system, some organization will have to "own" it
> so that there are not 1,000,000 rooms at 0,0. I prefer local coordinate spaces
> with links between them.

an addressing system is not owned.
nobody derives profit from the system which allows you to describe your
home as 123 somestreet, anytown usa.
the web already has an address system, vr just adds three Dee to it.

LUX ./. owen