Re: LANG: Object Sharing (was Re: WEB : Mapping out communal cyberspace)

Jerry Isdale (
Tue, 14 Jun 94 10:30:19 PDT

The idea of using a local library of object geometries on CDROM is from a
1993 effort I was involved with. It never went very far, but the idea was
to collect a whole bunch of PD object geometries, put them on CDROM and
distribute it at low cost along with a simple (platform independent)
database system.

My suggestion is that there would be a set of object repositories with
some standard description info available as network object servers. The
descriptions might be searchable ala WAIS and there would be options for
various levels of detail and perhaps file formats. Additionally, there
might be a computation server that would take a parametric object
description (splines, NURBS, etc) and generate a specific level of
detail/poly count on request.
At semi regular intervals, say every six months or once a year, there is
a Collected Objects (or atoms) cdrom created from the libraries and made
available to various cdrom distributors (Walnut Creek, etc)
The VRML client would look first on the local database for named objects,
then ask an object server or query the VRML document as to its source
This would greatly reduce bandwidth requirements.

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