Re: VRML issues

Mark Waks (
Mon, 13 Jun 94 15:35:36 EDT

Kevin writes:
>Unlike html, which is not real-time, vrml cannot have latency issues. The
>net wit
>will never be fast enough to expect to continually build a 3D scene while
>grabbing data over a net of questionable bandwidth. So when I enter a vrml
>document and traverse a link to another vrml document, I assume that I will
>have to load that entire vr space into my machine.

I question this assumption. *If* our definition of a space is a full
description of the image, with all the details, then you're right that
it'll be a while before the bandwidth catches up (saying that the net
will *never* be fast enough is playing with fire, in my experience).
But that's probably not the right model. As many people have said here,
the best way to do it is probably with some combination of local models
of objects, plus remote descriptions of how to associate those objects,
maybe with incremental filling in of the details as objects get closer.
That doesn't necessarily require all *that* much bandwidth...

-- Justin

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