PHIL- D.I.D. Stupid

Michael Maier (
13 Jun 1994 10:00:02 -0600

Subject: Time:9:45 AM
OFFICE MEMO PHIL- D.I.D. Stupid Date:6/13/94
== Dumb it Down Stupid ==

The debate of how the VRML world will look seems to be shaping up as one of
"geometry-free" vs a "coordinate system". Well, consider this. Gopher was a
naviagtional improvement on Telnet. Mosaic was an improvement on Gopher
because it added sights and sounds. What is VRML going to improve by adding
space? It's going to help orient people to there data. Remenber some people
get turn around backwards in simple 2-story buildings. It may be that
initially a coordinate system is used to keep it simple enough for the
average user or "lowest common denominator ".

However, maybe we'll maybe be able to include "hyberbolic playgrounds" but I
think this is going to be for people with an enhanced sense of spatial
relationaships or a desire for spatial adventures.