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Michael Maier (
13 Jun 1994 09:36:18 -0600

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On 6/13/94 6:53 AM
Dave Raggett writes
>The methods of interaction supported by each
>object will vary according to how far away you are from it. Thus as you
>walk up to a wall, the detail on the clock appears and you begin to hear
>it ticking. Similarly, the keys on a computer keyboard become visible
>and allow you to type on the virtual keyboard. Ditto for a virtual white

Currently WEB browsers work by launching external apps to take care of
functions that the browser can't/doesn't handle, right?

Maybe the VR component of VRML would be handled by such an external app. Then
when you wanted to link back to the WEB you would walk up to a terminal or
white board click on it and this would get you back to the WEB browser that
might have a standard computer monitor frame or whiteboard frame. There could
be a button to return you back to the VR app.