VRML Meeting Chamber (was: Re: MediaMoo address)

Mike Roberts (miker@nashua.progress.COM)
Fri, 10 Jun 1994 10:58:38 PDT

Dear All -

Having some spare unused quota on media, I just created such a room (#834
- VRML Meeting Chamber) as proposed by Minflux, for temporary informal
discussions. I also mailed Amy Bruckman (wiz at media) to tell her about
this. As this is just the kind of thing envisioned in the MediaMoo charter I
can't see any problem in meeting there, apart from the fact that the MediaMoo
server might get a little lagged if all (200) of us logged on at once :).

I'm kinda busy with dealines and related real life things right now, but if this
seems like the kind of thing people might like to be doing I'll add some useful
stuff to the room in the nearish future (suggestions welcome). Once connected
to media (purple-crayon.media.mit.edu 8888), "go #834" will get you there.

Mike (Tamarac)

On Sat, 11 Jun 1994 03:01:23 +0930 (CST) MindfluX wrote:

> It should be mentioned that it would help, wer such a meeting to be
> arranged to pre-organise a meeting place in the MediaMOO so when a foray
> of various coloured guests arrive, they can find each other and/or meet!
> Mindlfux (at the MMOo in question)