New reader -- Justin du Coeur

Mark Waks (
Fri, 10 Jun 94 16:25:04 EDT

Howdy. Having just discovered the VRML home page, and read through the
assorted materials there, I'm signing up for the discussion. This is a
quick introduction.

My name is Mark Waks; I'm better known as Justin du Coeur. (Suffice it
to say, it's my name in the SCA, which sort of led to it being my Net
handle, and after seven years more people know me as Justin than
Mark.) I'm a programmer and hacker of some fifteen years'
professional experience, and have been active on the Net for about seven
years; I've only been on the Web for a couple of months, but I'm a pretty
avid user. (My home page is up to about ten pages, and growing fast.)

I'm going to be contributing less from the VR-expert end, and more from
the end-user/average-programmer end. I'm fluent in most common programming
languages, and will undoubtedly have some suggestions for the form of
VRML. Also, consumer communications are something of a family passion
(my father was, God help me, one of the chief architects of Prodigy),
and I have some ideas and opinions about what the *feel* of the end
result might be, and how we might go about implementing it.

(If I sound a shade excited, it's because I had independently come to
the conclusion a few weeks ago that WWW + VR = cyberspace, and I am
quite encouraged to discover that others are thinking along similar

So -- could someone give me a quick rundown of what has been discussed
so far (I gather the list is less than a month old, correct?), and
what's currently on the table? Thanks...

-- Justin
Proud Software Generalist

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