An Intro

Geoff White (
Thu, 9 Jun 1994 17:19:04 +0800

Hi All,

As some of you know, my name is Geoff White and I am currently
the Director of Network Operations and Chief Information Officer here
at InterNex Information Services. My CS background is in window systems
and computer graphics with heavy emphasis on Operating Systems.
My primary interest is in Cyberspace Architecture and Design Theory
and creating network devices and operating structures to support rich
virtual universes. In my opinion we are not even on the frontier of networked
cyberspace, we are more like the european explorers of old who first saw
land far off in the western horizon. The quality of the terrain, as well
as the nature (and future fate) of the inhabitants is as yet unknown.

Much work needs to be done in network technology, in the availability of high
bandwidth services, in the distribution of current knowledge about
scientific visualization and virtual worlds and in the intersection space
of all of these disciplines before we can take those frst steps on the
"far shore".

Here's hoping that this list will help to chart the way.