How about the FAQ's?

Lawrence Levine (
Thu, 9 Jun 1994 18:54:55 -0400 (EDT)

Has there yet been an effort to work on a vrml FAQ. I immediately had
questions about what sort of clients exist or are under development
(GNU hopefully) and whether vrml is purely visual or are there plans for a
textual implementation. It strikes me that though visual vr must be
encompassed that vr text spaces should be handled by VRML as well. I
think that things like the gopher-slates and web-slates on some of the
MOO's have shown that colaborative efforts on web browsing produce really
good results. (And are much more immediately practicle than graphical

What building blocks are we considering; ie. Labrynth (not a free and
open system), Inventor (same problem). Wow. Lots of possibilities, the
mind boggles. It would be great to make sure there are publicly
available clients and servers for both textual and graphical vr
implementations. I really would personally have no interest in
dedicating time or resource to a venture that was tied to some com with
exlusive rights, and I am certain many of you would agree.

I better cut myself off here as I am still quite drugged from an accident
a few days ago and may be rambling.


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