Re: server redirects by client domain

David Robinson (
Wed, 20 Dec 95 12:03 GMT

I wrote:
>>I was just wondering whether there are any HTTP servers out there
>>which let the server admin configure redirects based on the
>>client's domain name. This seems like a neat way to make browsers
>Whilst this may be the best that one can do with current protocols, it
>seems to approach the problem from the angle.
>Rather than trying to force the client to use the server that you think
>would be best for it, it would seem better to provide data to allow the
>client to choose.
>i.e., the server could send out a Mirror: header containing a list of
>alternate 'mirror' URLs for the resource requested. The client can then
>select one of these based on knowledge of its local network. It could
>also try them in turn, selecting the fastest.

I'll follow up my own message; I've just noticed that the HTTP/1.1 draft
has this feature:
URI: {mirror "url"}, {mirror "url2"}

David Robinson.