Re: server redirects by client domain

Michael Godsey (
Wed, 20 Dec 95 11:31:23 TZ

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There were similar ideas (although not entirely the same) about 9
months ago floated out there. the response was most felt that DNS
services should stay away from too many extensions to support
individual services. Mail is obviously a notable exception, but the
idea of modifying DNS's service to support such ideas as this was not
seen as appropriate. Just passing this along, not necessarily endorsing.

| From: Shel Kaphan <>
| David Robinson writes:
| > >From: Martin Hamilton <>
| > >
| > >I was just wondering whether there are any HTTP servers out there
| > >which let the server admin configure redirects based on the
| > >client's domain name.
| ...
| > Whilst this may be the best that one can do with current protocols, it
| > seems to approach the problem from the angle.
| >
| > Rather than trying to force the client to use the server that you think
| > would be best for it, it would seem better to provide data to allow the
| > client to choose.
| ...
| >
| > David Robinson.
| >
| I'm going to float this idea because I thought of it, not necessarily
| because I have thought it through . . . wouldn't this be the kind of
| thing it would be nice if DNS could do for you? There's already a
| round-robin feature in it which some people use for load balancing.
| Letting people pick a mirror site without having to make an HTTP
| connection at all seems like a related feature.
| --Shel Kaphan