Re: A (silly) observation

lilley (
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 14:39:28 +0000 (GMT)

> >Is it my imagination, but doesn't the official W3C page below have a
> >tag that is specific to a certain popular browser that is often
> >unfavourably commented upon in this list ...

> Oh dear! Not only said browser is unfavourably commented upon in
> this list, but especially a particular feature ("this bug is a
> feature") which has draw a lot of "comments" on it.

Oh come on people! Read the usage in context. It's an in(line) joke!
It's sarcasm!

I should also point out, for newer readers, that refering to a
'certain unpopular browser' (Netscape Navigator) is misleading. The browser
itself is a fine product and many readers of this list use it as their
primary browsing tool. What does draw unfavourable comment is the
explosion of formatting tags and attributes that Netscape has introduced.

> And I thought
> the W3C would syntaxcheck its pages again some sort of DTD.

They probably do. But it is easy enough to add in a joke by hand.
Come on folks, lighten up!

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