Spectrum, The WDVL Journal

Mon, 4 Dec 1995 06:31:45 -0600

Hello All,

This month's issue of "Spectrum" has a great article on client-side imagemaps.
It is a "how-to" article that may be of interest.

We also have an article on buying a LAN, and the results of last month's survey
(from the editorial: IS HTML 3.0 Dead?), including input from members of the
W3C. If you would like to see where people believe the Web is heading, you need
to read this one as well. We have a new column of book reviews (this month's
book: "Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week" by Laura Lemay from
Sams Publishing), and our monthly Webbytes site review.

The URL is <http://WWW.Stars.com/Spectrum/>, stop on by and give us a look.

As always, we welcome new writers, and of course advertisers.

Spectrum, The WDVL Journal
Jon Backy
http://WWW.Stars.com/Spectrum/ techno@sound.net