Re: A (silly) observation

Mike Meyer (
Sun, 3 Dec 95 13:57:23 PST

> >
> Oh dear! Not only said browser is unfavourably commented upon in
> this list, but especially a particular feature ("this bug is a
> feature") which has draw a lot of "comments" on it. And I thought
> the W3C would syntaxcheck its pages again some sort of DTD. But
> probably it is an "enhanced" DTD. :-)

Not only does that "enhanced" DTD include tags that aren't part of any
HTML-WG DTD, it includes as NAME characters characters that etc.
Otherwise, they'd have to quote the values of the HREF attributes to
get it past an SGML checker.

However, once you quote those URLs, the only thing it complains about
with the official 2.0 DTD is that extra tag.