Re: Content negotiation

Terry Allen (
Wed, 8 Nov 1995 14:37:31 PST

| >>HTML extensions (which are standard across all
| >versions of a browser)
| >
| >Since when?
| Version 1.22 of Mozilla under Windows uses the same HTML extensions on your
| machine as it does on mine.

That's an argument that the extensions are the same (not "standard")
across the same version of a browser, not all versions of it. If you
wanted to do content negotiation re user-agent, you have to keep track
of the Windows, the Unix(es), the Mac versions of each release. They
may well not work the same despite the common number.

Of course if those extensions were described in SGML, you could use
the document type declaration or even the internal subset as the
basis for negotiation---on a per-document basis, though.

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