Re: Content negotiation

Kee Hinckley (
Wed, 8 Nov 1995 16:42:55 -0500

At 10:19 AM 11/8/95, Terry Allen wrote:
>>HTML extensions (which are standard across all
>versions of a browser)
>Since when?

Version 1.22 of Mozilla under Windows uses the same HTML extensions on your
machine as it does on mine. Your browser may not support viewing QuickTime
files though, while mine does. Or in the in-line case - your Microsoft
Browser version xxx supports the same HTML as mine, but yours may not
support inline VRML.

Having said that, it now occurs to me that browsers might have plugins
which add support for additional HTML tags. Now there's a scary thought.
One more reason for making sure we come up with some way of sending back
proper accept information.

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