Re: CGI scripts / Location header

M. Hedlund (
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 11:59:55 -0700

At 9:14 AM 10/11/95, Daniel DuBois wrote:
>Scenario: User requests a URL that points to an existant CGI script. CGI
>script returns a "Location: localfile.html" header, indicating a
>'server-side' redirect, and this file doesn't exist.
>Is it proper to send a 404 Not Found message? The URL is found, but the
>output of the CGI script isn't. Is it better to send a 500 Internal Error

The CGI script should decide. If it can't cope with not finding the file,
it will not send a proper response and likely cause a 500 (or an empty
document). If it can, it should send a 404 with some HTML explaining the
problem. If you send a 500 from a properly-functioning script, it will
appear as though the script is malfunctioning when it is not.

The script is acting as part of the server, and should react as the server

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