Re: Java back ends

James Gosling (
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 11:31:17 +0800

> Ok, so Java can do all this neat stuff on the front end. But it's still
> going to need to hook up to a server, and that looks like standard issue
> tcp/ip, not exactly the stuff of 4GL's. Does anybody know if there are
> plans to wrapper these calls? Also, is there anything like a a server
> toolkit for listening to java clients?

There is an implementation of CORBA/IDL style distributed objects for
Java, but it hasn't been released yet. Similarly, I put together an
http server in Java that does a bunch of funky stuff with downloading
code into the server (eg. "CGI-bin" scripts as methods; funky caching;
"agent"-like stuff, ...) but it's gotten kinda stalled because other stuff
has been taking up far to much time. *sigh* some day...