Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 25 Aug 1995 10:12:23 -0400

In message <>, Steve Harris writes:
>I'm an extreme novice at HTML and I have the temerity to suggest a "gap"
>in the language that might be easily and usefully filled.
>It's easy enough to create a straight "mailto" link but if the link is to
>a mailing list (such as LISTSERV types) or other mail driven resource, the
>user has to type in "SUBSCRIBE WHATEVER-L "John Doe" or something.

This is more of a URL issue than an html issue.

You might check out the mailserver: URL draft:

"Mailserver URL Specification", Paul E. Hoffman, 07 Jul 1995.
A new URL scheme, "mailserver", is defined. It allows mail client software to create
RFC822 mail messages from a URL.