Re: Modular Browsers (was:User authentication)

Danyel Ceccaldi (
Tue, 9 May 1995 17:52:27 +0500

> From: "Adam T. McClure" <>
> Subject: Re: Modular Browsers (was:User authentication)
> Yeah, how bout an OpenDoc browser Netscape?
> Is that a no-brainer or a novel concept?

Perhaps there is more.
What about an 'realistic' platform independant interface.
Reality (for the moment) is:

OS/2 - OpenDoc
MacOS - OpenDoc
Windows - OLE 2.0
UNIX - i don't remember a name, but there also a OpenDoc-like interface

A few issues for such a modular Browser:

- (Inter)action on client side
- Style sheets
- Layout control
- Proxy-control (resolving host-moving-problems)
- Downloading (and auto-installing) of small patches