Modular Browsers (was:User authentication)

Christopher L. Werner (
Sun, 7 May 1995 22:15:19 +0500

Dmitry Mishin writes:
>For the one hand the browsers we see now are getting to grow into
>monsters. They take loads of resources (MS-Windows based for example).
>IMHO, much better is to have the browser made of modules or with posibility
>fork a module, mosts of them can be replaced with (or added) specialised
>and more convenient to the user's choice.

Gee, sounds like Sun marketing is on the right track. Modular browsers,
what a concept! So we all wait for WebBrowser to be ported to Windows?
Hot Java here we come...

Personally, I find the feature creep is bring us ever so close to SGML
that we should have jumped on the DoD bandwagon years ago. Better
authentication will only work if the encryption methods are available
internationally and legislation like the new California key-server laws
don't drive the price of registration to a magnetude greater than the
application cost ($30). That they require more overhead is only a side

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