Re: Content-lengths of dynamic objects

Kee Hinckley (
Tue, 9 May 1995 22:56:05 +0500

At 8:09 PM 5/9/95, Jared Rhine wrote:
> KH> This has the disadvantage of leaving the user to wait until your
> KH> render is done. Otherwise for large options you could be presenting

>Hmmm, I just considered objects that inherently take a long time to render
>regardless of server load (databases and such). My objects aren't like tha=
>(yet), so I haven't had to deal with it. In that case, you would indeed
>want some mechanism to present some feedback to the user early; in this
>case, we will obviously need some kind of boundary or packetized data
>scheme; no getting around that, I suspect, if we want accurate entity-body

I think a packet oriented approach would help. I know at one time there was
talk of doing inline objects that way and interspersing the packets so that
you could do what Netscape does without opening N-connections to the
server. Obviously it seriously complicates the protocols though.

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