Versions of HTML spec

James (
Tue, 9 May 1995 22:27:00 +0500

Hi -- we're trying to describe, in a few paragraphs, the development and
significance of the various HTML specifications. I'd like to get comments
on these paragraphs to see whether they are, in fact, an accurate summary:

"The first release of HTML, HTML Level 0, is the original HTML
specification. Although the base-level HTML reference, some of the tags
present in Level 0 have since become depreciated.

"HTML Level 1 includes the Level 0 tags, with some additional features,
such as images, primarily introduced by the Mosaic development team.

"With the introduction of it Netscape Navigator Web browser, Netscape
introduced many tags which were particular to its browser, such as CENTER
and BLINK. Netscape has since joined the ranks of the
standards committees and have labeled the tags it introduces not within
the official HTML specification as "experimental".

"HTML Level 2 contained some revisions to HTML to make it an
SGML-compliant language, and added support for forms.

"HTML Level 3 includes work to include support for non-Western European
writing systems, table, figure, and scientific notation support,
client-side image maps and other interactive applications, and style sheets."

My questions are -- is HTML Level 2 synonymous with HTML 2.0, and so on?
Or are the conformance levels different from the version numbers, and if
so, how? And, in general, is the above accurate?

Any comments greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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