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Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (frystyk@w3.org)
Sun, 7 May 1995 17:09:16 +0500

> Could anyone describe the pros and cons of various systems (operating
> system, hardware/software, connections, etc.) for setting up a Web Server
> for home or office.
> Is a mac better than windows NT or Sparcstation? For the office we have
> direct access to the internet and we have one Sparcstation 20 and one Sparc
> 5. We may or may not be able to use those for internet apps. Should be
> purchase another Sparc or buy a mac...windows NT?

Please refer such questions to either the news lists or to the mailing lists
that concern server administration. Only by keeping down the level of
unrelated questions, comments, etc. can we keep a reasonable forum for

For information regarding mail addresses and mailing lists please take
a look at the page


This page will give you the information needed.

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