Re: HTTP Content-length question...

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (
Sun, 7 May 1995 16:53:10 +0500

> I have a simple HTTP client that requests an object from a HTTP server using
> the GET method. Now, the client is written such that it mandatorily needs the
> server to return the 'Content-length:' header in its response.
> The problem I am facing is, this header is returned for most kind of objects
> (image/gif, audio/au etc) but not for text/html. Is there any special form
> of the GET request that will force the server to return the size of the object
> (the 'Content-length:' header) irrespective of its MIME type ?

If this is the case then it is a server bug! The Content-Length header
should be sent whenever possible in a full response, and it should certainly
not have anything to do with the media type in which the object is rendered.

I can imagine that the problems can be due to server side includes in the
documents or dynamic documents generated by scripts.

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