Are there any browsers which handle "tabs" yet ?
Thu, 4 May 95 17:37:56 PDT

Sergio Charlab said:

> If I write according to specifications, and use <P ALIGN=CENTER>
> instead of <CENTER>, I get things centered, but also get a
> blank line, like here:
> <I><P ALIGN=CENTER>2 de maio</I>

You have nearly written to specification, but not quite. You have an hr, so
following text starts on a new line. A new paragraph is implied by your text.
You go into italics. Then you start another new paragraph!

Instead, try
<P ALIGN=CENTER><I>2 de maio</I></P>

> How can I avoid this line? I would prefer to have the HR line and
> the text closer.

The exact spacing depends on how your browser chooses to render this.

> Also, how could I define a blank line for browsers
> other than Netscape, which seems one of the few to accept <P> as
> blank lines, like here:

I think that browsers are at liberty to coalesce multiple empty paragraphs.
You probably want to use <BR>

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