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Thu, 4 May 95 16:30:53 PDT

Greetings Fellow Earthlings,

I am trying to setup a Web site that accesses an Informix
database. I am using the NCSA server and their CGI interface. I have
written my applications in ESQL/C. Now the tricky part. I can
execute my program at the command line and enter data as HTTPD will
The database is accessed and I can actually see data records
fly by (amazing my program works). BUT when the HTTPD demon
tries to do this it fails with:

There is problem with your query!
The following SQL error has occured at open_database_esql!!
The Error Code is -457 in database: Database server
terminated unexpectedly.

Ok, so I talked with tech support and we all think it must have
something to do with the environment that the demon is executing
under. I modified the C code to set the following:


After I set these values I printed them. They look ok, but the
program STILL fails.

Therefore, I am interested in talking to, emailing, faxing, or
whatever to people who have setup web sites that integrate the
HTTPD demon with Informix Online.

Any help that you give would be greatly appreciated.


Larry Matthias
Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Company
Phone: (804) 766-9726 --> Yes this old technology still works!
Fax: (804) 766-9601