Host hiding in URL

Mike Godsey (
Wed, 26 Apr 1995 00:26:16 +0500

Pardon for bringing up an old subject:

A while back, I asked for information on Host Hiding in an URL
(i.e. serving multiple domains from the same web server).
Someone was kind enough to post an URL for a sample site, complete
with instructions for modifying the 'ifconfig' on your server, and
the ncsa httpd server patches. I *think* the URL had something
like "two-hosts" in it. I've tried various combinations of URL's, but
cant find my way back. (I KNOW I had a bookmark, but it's gone...).
I checked the www-talk hypermail archives, and found two references
to rel\plies, but the server (where the hypermail archives are) returned
an error 404 - Not Found, when I tried to access the articles!

I need this information FAST! Could someone PLEASE (see me, I'm on
my knees begging now!) re-post that URL for the 'two-servers' ?


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