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I had put a web page for a small-business to market their new board game.
There were approximately 2000 hits in 3 weeks (I think this is good
number of hits).
BUT, not a single user has called to order the game. I'm so
as what is happening??? I would like to know the reasons of not ordering
1. Is game not interesting???
2. Is price too high???
3. Is Web page not attractive???

Subject: Re: searching for people

If you want to find some e-mail address you can send a e-mail to the MIT
mail server. What you have to do is:
1- address the message to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu

2- in the message put:
send usenet-addresses/name name name

The mail-server of mit will than send you a message whith all the person
how have the "names" in there address and have already mail something to
Internet Address: keithr@primenet.com
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Earthly Address: Mesa, Arizona

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Aneurin Bosley mentions that she has Michael Strangelove on her site
naked. I wouldn't recommend that. Even the babies in the Macmillan
Offspring section of our site have clothes on!

Jordan Gold
Publisher - Online Services
Macmillan Digital USA

How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Email The Ways
Here's a great bit for your show, courtesy of the Internet. If you
point your World Wide Web browser to:


you will encounter CYRANO. Cyrano is a Valentine server which allows
you to instantly create Valentines to send by email. You can select one
of several tones for your Valentine: Steamy, Intellectual, Friendly,
etc. plus you can personalize it. Now, if you just instruct the serve
to mail them BACK to YOU, you will wind up with as many
computer-generated Valentines as you want. This is a great way to come
up with Valentines for famous people or characters on your show. Here
are two examples. The first one I created from Clinton TO Hillary using
the "steamy" mode. The second one I created for someone on my show who
plays a hick character. I used the "friendly" mode on that one. The
computer asks for a couple of words and then does all the work:

Dearest Hillary,

My love, I can imagine myself kissing your Political body and slathering
you with various oils and burger & fries. Your ever-changing hairstyles
are my anchor in the stormy sea of life; I wonder how I ever made it
through a day without you. Please meet me dressed in your American Flag
on Valentine's Day and we will celebrate our hot love together.

Yours presidentially,
Bill Clinton

Dear Betty Bodine,

My love, I think I like you but I am not sure about our friend
relationship. I do like your armpits and the sight of you in your
overalls is better than TV, no, I mean even better than the Internet.
In fact, I will give up netsurfing for a Hick-like evening with you. I
will bring the frogs and you can bring the fries. Or maybe we will go
out. Or maybe you will decide.

Yours greasy,
Corey Deitz

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Masters Of Their Domain
Billboard Inc. (Billboard Magazine) is getting ready for a site on
the Internet. It has registered BILLBOARD as a Domain name.

KZRR 94 Rock recently registered 94ROCK for their Domain name.

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>From the RadioPrep List:
(This comment originally appeared on the RADIOPREP list. I thought it
was very interesting.)

We are in the early stages of having the audience participating in
the show via e-mail. Two things appear to be happening. The first is
this "silent majority" who choose not to use the phone to participate in
the program. These are people we've obviously never heard from before.
Some of their e-mail is pretty hip. I respond to each piece of e-mail
and invite them to call. Some do. I've also noticed some of the
regular callers have switched over to e-mail as their method to
communicate with the show. They've been replaced by a whole new group
of people on the phones. Maybe it's the moon and the stars.

We also encourage the audience to stop by the studio. Now, consider the
fact that we are in a downtown office building..THEY COME. Some call
ahead...others just stop by. How many? Perhaps one a week. It doesn't
get old and it adds the element of the surprise to the program. A
couple of times we've put the "live" studio people on the phones with
callers. I just sit back. We've had "moments."

The bottom line is that we have positioned the morning show as bigger
than life - without the arrogant attitude you hear on some shows. WE
ARE YOU is what we communicate to the audience. It's not the "we're in
show business and you're not" attitude that bubbles underneath some
morning programs.

So far, it's working BIG for the show and the radio station.

99.9 WEZN Bridgeport, CT

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I am looking for Internet addresses for two Research Programs:
> MATC at the University of Nebraska

What's "MATC" or which city (Lincoln, Omaha, Kearney) ?

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PREVIEW the soon-to-be-released (April 15) SigmaXYZ, the GeoDe-series
program for finding stresses within an earth mass due to any of the
following types of loads: point load, infinitely long line load, uniformly
loaded rectangle, uniformly loaded circle, uniform strip load, uniform
triangular load, uniform sloped load, terraced load, semi-infinite uniform
load, Boussinesq foundation, or Westergaard foundation. E-Mail to
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