Re: Consideration in naming products (was: Re: Apache Server Announcement)

Rob Hartill (
Sun, 23 Apr 1995 22:16:46 +0500

> Hello there.

> I just found out that there is a server called the "Apache." I've got to
> wonder whether the people who are developing this server have contacted
> the Apache nation to find out whether it is ok to use their name.

We didn't contact them. We thought about possible problems of the name,
but decided we shouldn't worry.

The Apache server is free, nobody's exploiting the name for profit, at
the expense of the Apache people.

I'm sure if we called it the "English", "Welsh", "French"... server,
none of those nations would feel hurt in any way. Why should the
Apache feel any different ?. Suggesting they might feel differently
is probably a bigger insult to them than using the name.