Re: connection fight

Christopher Caserio (
Sat, 22 Apr 1995 15:41:56 +0500

> Well, I have never listened a word about Netscape being "weak" in
> the "fight" for connections.
> Does anybody have something to say about it ???
Netscape does *seem* to have more problems getting an FTP
link than other tools (ftptool, ncftp, ftp); but that is
only a feeling, not scientific at all.

Also, Netscape (and other browsers) open and close the ftp
connection for each transfer, whereas the standard ftp clients
maintain the control connection for the entire session. This
means that your browser must *fight* the traffic for each directory
listing, file transfer, etc.

> And what about "try connecting from another domain" ???
> Could anybody tell me how can it be done ???
Well, I suppose you could telnet somewhere and ftp from there...or
X Netscape back to your display...Hmmm. Ugly, anyway you look at it.