connection fight

Wanderley Moura Cruz (
Sat, 22 Apr 1995 10:30:18 +0500


Hi, all !

I visited SYMANTEC's home page yesterday and found this note there:

"We would also like to let you know of the problems some users have
been experiencing when attempting to use FTP services from a WWW browser.

Most problems connecting are because of the high traffic being
experienced on the internet right now in certain domains. Many of them
are starved for bandwidth, making problems connecting not uncommon. This
is an internet problem and there is nothing Symantec can do about it. I
assure you, the server is constantly monitored, and is working properly
all the time (regular maintenance excluded, of course).

If you experience these problems trying to connect, we recommend you try
using different software, both FTP and Web, because some browsers seem
to "fight" for a connection more aggressively than others (Netscape
appears to be one of the worst). You can also try connecting from another
domain. The concept of "distance", as it relates to the Internet (this
is not your physical distance from our building), plays a large part in
your ability to connect, and another domain may actually have a much
cleaner connection path".

Well, I have never listened a word about Netscape being "weak" in
the "fight" for connections.
Does anybody have something to say about it ???

And what about "try connecting from another domain" ???
Could anybody tell me how can it be done ???

Wanderley Moura

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