Re: Any good HTML editors out there?

Lennart Staflin (
Mon, 10 Apr 1995 17:09:05 +0500

[Oops, a mail that I have forgot to answer]

Does anyone have experience with using psgml? This is reportedly an Emacs
major mode for editing SGML documents, but I have no experience with it (I
use HTML-helper mode as well). If the package works as advertised, one
should be able to use it to edit HTML 3 just by supplying the appropriate

This should work, I have played a little with HTML 3.0. There
are some strange content model in the HTML 3.0 DTD (in the version i
tested, it is a draft after all). This makes i illegal to have white
space between a <fig> and a <caption> tag. This is probably nothing a
browser would care about, but it is the string SGML interpretation,
and psgml will complain if you put some white space there.

I've CCed the author; perhaps he can comment on the suitability of psgml for
editing HTML 3.

As the author I, of course, think that it is suitable for editing
anything SGML :)

But, as psgml is a general SGML-mode it doesn't have special
shortcuts for commonly used elements and entities. To insert a <HR>
tag, to take an extreme example, you will have to type C-c C-e h r
RET, or use a menu. I find it most useful to not have to remember
attribute names and such when creating forms.

psgml is available from:


which is mirrored from:


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